6 Awesome Foods to Eat on Your First Date

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“Firsts” are always memorable. First car, first crush, first kiss, and first date!

It’s exciting and important to choose the best of everything when you are going out with your crush for the very first time.

Picking up the best outfit, perfect conversation fillers and the ideal restaurant! What is the trickiest is what to order!

Eating without creating a mess but also not ending up hungry can be challenging. Food should be easy to eat, non- messy but also filling without causing any bloating and discomfort.

But don’t worry! We have a few recommendations for you.

  1. Oysters

An aphrodisiac food, oysters are a great first date food. They are more of a snack as they are light on the stomach.

Perfect to enjoy with your white wine! Oysters are also low in calories and help in reducing inflammation. You won’t feel super full after your meal.

There are also less chances to make a mess as they come in their own plates.

  1. Quesadilla

A great Mexican treat, quesadillas are perfect when you want to order something which is easy to eat. Compact and clean, you can eat it without worrying about spoiling your lipstick!

They don’t usually contain beans which can cause bloating and unnecessary discomfort. What’s also great about them is that they are totally customizable!

  1. Burgers

What’s better than a spicy burger and fries for a casual date? If you want a casual and fun date, choose a fast food joint. You can plan your date at a fast food restaurant and order a juicy burger and let loose.

A table full of burgers, fries, shakes, or soda will definitely keep the vibe chill and help you relax. You can do the whole fancy restaurant date the next time.

Go ahead and get to know each other over some delicious, low-maintenance food!

  1. Sushi

Easy and clean to eat, sushi is a great first date food! If you are an expert with chopsticks, order sushi and impress your date.

There are less chances of spillage if you are careful with your movements and just go easy on the soy sauce.

What is great is that ginger is commonly found in sushi which is good for digestion and will calm your stomach especially if you have first date jitters!

  1. Chicken

One of the best picks would be to go for a chicken dish on the menu with a tasty light sauce. You should also know that fried chicken is believed to be the best first date food by many.

There are various other chicken dishes that you can order like chicken nuggets or fingers. These are tasty, easy to eat and spill proof!

You should avoid red meats as they can cause bloating and obviously fish is a bad option as it will give you a bad breath! So, just do it!

  1. Dark Chocolate Everything

No meal is complete without a good dessert. You can indulge in a chocolate cake, chocolate covered strawberries or a chocolate mousse. Sounds tempting right?

You can enjoy the rich taste of chocolate while bonding over this delicious treat. Go ahead and stimulate your senses and libido with this sinful treat.

If you wish to be a little romantic, you can also carry your chocolate gelato on a walk to the park or beach with your date. It would be perfect. Also, chocolate is liked by almost everyone and it is a win-win situation if it’s a mutual favorite!

We also suggest you not to panic and take it slow. You should just look forward to having a great time.

In the end, focus on choosing a place and dish according to your choice and convenience. What’s best is that you talk to your date and decide on a common interest before picking a place. We would also suggest you to carry a mint to pop in after your meal, just in case!

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