7 Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks You Didn’t Know

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If you are a beauty fanatic, you’ve probably heard about the amazing powers of coconut oil. But just as you think you know everything about how to use it, you are surprised to know it has plenty other applications than you know. Yes, this amazing gift of nature can do a lot.

Here are other coconut oil beauty hacks you should know.

Beauty Hack #1: It soothes dry hands.

Dry hands can be a total nightmare, but don’t worry because coconut oil is a quick remedy. After washing with soap and water, scoop an ample amount of this oil to keep your hands smooth and moist.

Beauty Hack #2: It can be used as a face mask.

At room temperature, coconut oil remains solid, but when heated beyond 75 degrees Fahrenheit, it should turn liquid. So to use it as a face mask, melt the oil and apply it to your face.

Beauty Hack #3: It makes an excellent cheekbone highlighter.

Stress can make us feel tired and weary. And if we feel that way, we sometimes feel we don’t look our best. Therefore, we opt to just stay at home. Then again, there is a remedy for this. A small amount of coco oil used as a cheekbone highlighter can brighten up that tired face.

Beauty Hack #4: It can be used in shaving the legs.

Store-bought shaving creams are expensive and sometimes, harmful. However, what if we tell you there’s a natural alternative to commercial shaving products? That is coconut oil.

Beauty Hack #5: It cures chapped lips.

Chapped lips are completely annoying, but with coco oil, they don’t stand a chance. Due to its moisturizing and hydrating properties, your lips are soft and smooth.

Beauty Hack #6: It softens the cuticle.

Coconut oil keeps your cuticles soft. You don’t believe it? Simply apply a small amount of this oil to your cuticles several times a day. You’ll immediately see the amazing results.

Beauty Hack #7: It prevents wrinkles.

This is the reason why women love coconut oil so much. It prevents wrinkles as it keeps the skin hydrated. Apply to affected areas and you’ll defy the body’s aging process!

Are you excited to try these coconut oil beauty hacks? Let us know!

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