Why You Need to Buy Pure Coconut Oil?

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Pure coconut oil is widely known as Virgin (or Extra Virgin) Coconut Oil, an awesome product that has all the needed taste, smell, and health benefits. But what makes this type of coconut oil preferred by customers?

First and foremost, people buy pure coconut oil due to many good reasons, including its safe method of extraction, organically grown source, and its benefits to humans, animals, and the environment. But before we share with you what you can get from this oil, allow us to share with you how it is extracted.

How to Extract Pure Coconut Oil

The main difference of pure coconut oil to other coconut oil types is the mode of extraction. Other coconut oil types are extracted through milling or compression of Copra. Copra is also referred to as dried coconut kernels. Cold compression or cold milling is popular, especially with a variety of refined coconut oils.

On the other hand, pure or unrefined or virgin coconut oil is extracted from the coconut milk coming from the fresh coconut fruits. In most cases such as traditional extraction, the coconut milk is boiled in low temperature to get the oil through evaporation of the water and moisture. However, it should not be done because some nutrients found in its source can be extracted with heat. So, the use of churning or centrifugal separation and fermentation needs to be avoided as much as possible.

Then again, reputable pure or virgin coconut oil manufacturers ensure that they use the cold compression method, the safest and healthiest way to extract the oil from the coconut. In this method, the oil will not easily go rancid unlike those that were obtained by fermentation and use of heat.

Pure Coconut Oil VS Refined Coconut Oil

What is the difference between pure or refined coconut oil and refined or highly-processed coconut oil? As mentioned, they mainly differ in the extraction process. Although they are both coconut oils, they differ in many ways. Below are the distinctions between the two coconut oil:

Physical Attributes

The appearance of pure coconut oil and unrefined coconut oil has slight difference. You can identify it better when you take it out of its container and make a comparison. When you buy pure coconut oil in transparent glass, the presence of colloidal particles can be easily noticed. When you take out some refined coconut oil, you can only see clear liquid.

The color of both coconut oil types depends on how it was extracted and processed. Both should appear as clear as liquid. However, when it turns into its solid state, it changes its color into opaque or light yellow.


Pure coconut oil has a naturally great taste and aroma. With pure or virgin coconut oil, you can still taste it like fresh coconut flavor. Most refined coconut oil has no flavor, taste, and aftertaste. Unlike many pure coconut oil, refined coconut oil type are odorless.

Since pure coconut oil is less processed, it has preserved all of the goodness found in coconut. This includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients. Pure coconut oil has a high content of vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamin A. It is also rich in antioxidants. It even provides positive results as a natural moisturizer and beauty regimen.

Pure coconut oil is safe to use. Buy pure coconut oil now and see the difference it can give to your health and life in general.

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