Let Your Main Meal Recipe Take You To Nirvana


We know food can’t really get us to Nirvana—that place of enlightenment where the fires of birth are “blown out” and we are liberated from past karma. That would be a lot to ask from any snack or even the best main meal recipe. But we can become so enlightened about our food that we break the chains of poor health that results from our daily diet. At least, that’s what we think here at Nirvana Food. What we eat often reflects what we feel about ourselves, what our goals are and who we see ourselves to be in the world. When we choose a higher quality foods, we feel better physical, mentally and emotionally. That’s practically Nirvana!

Life in a Main Meal Recipe

Take a good look at your plate the next time you sit down for dinner. And hopefully you are sitting down and not standing over the sink! A plate is like your own personal cosmos, the food your constellations. If you create a world that’s filled with dull, lifeless food—stars that don’t shine—how can you be inspired? Replace those bland foods with items that not only taste good, but that provide your body with the essential fatty acids, antioxidants, trace minerals and energy-boosting calories you need and you’ll notice the difference. Your world will seem to become brighter and more interesting because you feel more alive. It’s amazing what a difference healthy foods like raw nuts, green vegetables, coconut oil and fresh fruit can make in a person’s quality of life.

Provide your body with good food, good rest and exercise that’s fun, and watch your whole world improve. Most of us will probably never actually reach a state of nirvana, but we can enjoy a piece of heaven on earth when we are filled with the energy to enjoy each day.