5 Surprising Uses of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

organic virgin coconut oil

It is without a doubt that organic virgin coconut oil is one of the smartest additions you can have in your diet. With lots of benefits to offer, this wonder oil can greatly help improve your health.

Considered a superfood, this oil is slowly making a name for itself in the medical world as it does not just fight off diseases and viruses; it also offers perks to the skin, face, and in so many ways. Still not convinced? Here are five surprising uses of organic virgin coconut oil:

1. Use it to shave your legs.

Store-bought creams are often expensive and don’t always give you a neat and clean shave. Of course, that could very be disappointing. But did you know that with coconut oil, you can achieve that nice clean shave without having to spend much? Plus, it has soothing properties that will leave your skin feeling and looking hydrated.

2. Use it as a natural makeup remover.

Yes, that’s true. Organic virgin coconut oil works as a makeup remover. In fact, it’s so effective that it can get rid even the most stubborn waterproof mascara. Simply wet a cotton ball and wipe it over the eyes. The oil should remove makeup and at the same time leave your face feeling hydrated.

3. Use it as a facial cleanser.

Studies suggest that coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties that make it an ideal facial cleanser. After rubbing the oil all over your neck and face in circular motions, wash off the residue with your preferred cleanser.

4. Use it as a body scrub.

Don’t waste your money over pricey body scrubs. You can always make one at home that is free from toxic chemicals. All you need is coconut oil, brown sugar, and several drops of your favorite essential oil. It’s as easy as pie!

5. Use it to add shine to your hair.

Bad hair day? Fret not.  Smooth those tangled strands by putting an ample amount of organic virgin coconut oil. Take note, a dab will suffice and too much will make hair appear greasy. So, observe moderation.

Now, you can go ahead and smear organic virgin coconut oil on almost anything. Rest assured it’ll work as good as any other option you have out there.

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