Make Your Main Meal Recipe Healthier



Everyone’s looking for quick, easy recipes that taste food and are good for them. We’re getting tired of fast food and the bad effects is has on our health. What we want now is good food, fast. There’s no getting around the fact that making delicious meals at home with wholesome ingredients is going to take longer than picking up something from the burger joint or opening some boxes of prepared food at home. But just because it takes a little longer doesn’t mean it home cooking has to be an arduous chore. There is a happy medium.

Main Meal Recipe Redux

Relying on the main meal recipe your familiar with is tempting. Experimentation and reading new recipes takes time. But you can revamp that old favorite with a few easy steps to make it healthier and tastier. Make cooking at home easier with these tips:

Stock the pantry with essentials. You can’t cook healthy food if you don’t have healthy ingredients. Nothing slows down dinner like making a trip to the store. Make certain you have a variety of easy-to-prepare wholesome foods on hand. Whole-grain pastas, dried and canned legumes, nuts and nut butters will help boost the nutrition level of your favorite recipes.

Eat Better Fats. More information about the importance of including healthy fats in the diet seems to be available every day. Substituting products like canola or vegetable oil for a high quality, unrefined coconut oil will immediately add a more healthful component to any main meal recipe.

Oven-fry it. Chicken, potatoes, heck even kale chips get toasty and crisp in the oven without drenching them in a vat of oil. Oven frying is a high-heat, quick way to get that satisfying crunch you want from fried foods but it won’t add the extra calories.

Use more flavorings. Quick dishes often rely heavily on tons of cheese, fat and salt to make them taste good. What if you get all of the flavor you want but with less of the bad stuff? Our palate craves mixtures of salty, sweet, sour and hot. You can get all of that and more with seasonings like fresh and dried herbs and spices, vinegars, chilies and citrus juice. Something as simple as a squeeze of lemon or lime juice on a finished dish can take it from ho-hum to amazing.